Sweet As A Peach Authors

So happy to announce these confirmed Authors!!

Katie Ashley
JB McGee & AC Marchman
Sarah Ross & Amy Miles
Heather Allen & Heather Gunter
Kendall Grey
Nichole Chase
Wendy Owens
Nicole Reed 
Felicia Lynn & K. Langston
Harper Sloan & Crystal Spears
J.M. La Rocca & Ilsa Madden-Mills
Lynetta Halat & Mel Ballew
Ashley Poch & Tiffany Aleman
Jessica Ingro & Chelsea Camaron
Lynda LeeAnne & Emma Nichols
Kristen Day & Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
Tricia Zoeller & Alison Bailey
Katie Mac & Lu Ann
Jennifer Loren & Sarah J. Pepper
Annie Walls & J. Bryan
S. Simone Chavous & Monica James
AJ Warner & Dawn Robertson
Cynthia O'neill
Kim Jones
N.M Silber
Penny Reid & Kimberly Lauren
J.L Berg & Beverly Preston
R.D Cole & Aine Kelley
Angel Lawson & Kira Gold
Dawne Walters & Alexis Alexander
Wendi Hulsey & Charlene Martin
Michelle Graves
Danielle Torella & Christy Dilg
Megan Smith 
Mari Brown & T.L Sieving
Sarah Goodman & Marie Wathen
Ann Marie Frohoff & Carolyn Ridder Aspensen
R.L Griffin & Robert Reeves
Bella Roccaforte & Lacey Wolfe
T.k. Leigh & SM Donaldson 
Trudy Stiles & Tabatha Vargo
Evan Tyler & A.d Justice
Quinn Loftis
Raelene Green-Editor & Elle Chardou


  1. I am a published author based here in GA and may be interested in participating.
    My email addy is TudorRose829@gmail.com

  2. Good day, My name is Ahlumba Haris I too am an author and would love to be considered and partake in this wonderful event> If you need further information my email is ahlumba@inspired2prosper.com. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  3. Hi! I too would be interested in joining this event as an Indie author. :)
    Is there room available?
    Thank for your consideration. cm.hutton@yahoo.com

  4. Please contact me about participation in your event.
    Tammie Clarke Gibbs

  5. I know all your author spots are full, but if not I would love to be in it! Let me know, Thanks!!!

  6. Hi! I'm just hearing about this now but would have LOVED to be a part of this event. I'm a local author and editor of a popular women's humor anthology, "You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth," which was a hot new release on Amazon and a best seller. Could you please add me to your mailing list for next year? Thanks! -Leslie Marinelli, @TheBeardedIris